Monday, 19 May 2008

Challenge Completed

07.30 Monday woohoo
A huge sense of achievement felt by the entire team having had the stamina to see the challenge through to the end. Our ambition was to complete the race this year and we have managed that sucessfully.
Kookaburra was a great boat to do this race in, even if the keel nearly fell out the bottom of the boat 1/3 of the way throught. I will however dream of self tailing winches and a decent main track as she is hard work with only two in the cockpit.
Our thanks goes to everyone who sponsored us as we have raised loads of money for some great charities.
Will we do it again? lets wait and see, however Marco has already worked out how to cut his pack weight by about 2kg so I think I know where he will be this time next year

Finishing party ready!

Its our finishing party! One runner and one sailor. Will we do it again next year?

last sunrise-hopefully!

5 miles to go! As the sun rises over ardrossan we can see the entrance to troon.
We have to go in under sail and drop 2 in the dingy to race up to the office.
With it, the sun has killed the wind...

kookaburra finds wind!

A strong south easterly fills in giving us a beat over to ardrossan. Not long now, the goal is in sight. Beers are cooling as we speak! Kc

leaving arran

Runners finished the final run over goat fell.. Chilli all round as we head for troon! No wind and only 15 miles to the finish. Others have given up but we're all determined to complete the course. Kc

Nearly there

Just waiting 4 runners and the head to Troon. Not a lot of wind so may
take a while.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Check the view John

The summit of Goatfell. Hometime now and a beer at Troon.